Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Show Time, or almost anyway

I've gone and done something completely crazy - I signed up to have a booth in a Holiday Craft Show. I actually signed up months ago, and this Saturday, the 13th is the show!!! I didn't want to mention it before incase something went wrong. Like, oh, I don't know... I chicken out.

I go between having moments of wondering what on earth I was thinking, and being so excited I can't stand it. But I've been pretty consistently terrified.

Some of the things I'm selling, you've seen before.
And a few of the things have yet to be feature here, but don't worry, they will be.
  • Mutli-strand Jewelry
  • Wire Star Ornements (I did share my experiment for those here, but not the final)
Over the past few months, I've been in major research mode trying to learn as much as I can about being a first time exhibitor in a craft show and next week, after I've actually done it myself I look forward to sharing here.

Throughout the week I'm going to feature what's going to be at the show and just a few tips. 

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