Saturday, February 14, 2009

My creative corner, or rather closet...

Being that my creativity is quite diverse I have a lot of creative tools. Over the years I've tried a bit of everything, and in the process I've bought a bit of everything. In addition to being creative, I'm also a pack rat. So for years I had bins and bins of stuff to work with. And just getting started on a project was a project itself as I rummaged through bins and boxes to find the right things I needed to work with.

I find that my creativity thrives best when it is well organized. Many people find "creativity" and "organization" to be exclusive concepts. For me, organization is the foundation that allows my creativity to thrive. It provides order to an otherwise rather chaotic process and allows me to focus my creative energy without the clutter that would otherwise get in the way.

So, we carved out a space for me to store my materials and work on my projects. Sadly, there is no room available in the house for an official "studio." Maybe someday I'll claim the playroom after the kids are too old for it, but for now, I've taken over a closet in the playroom. Here is what we've done...



There is also a row of boxes on top of the selves with more supplies that you can't see pictured, things that I use less often. So now, everything has a place to be. I've got bins for card making supplies, scrap booking stuff, beading, sewing, stamping, painting, all things adhesive and more.

There is still some finish work to do, but that hasn't stopped me from using my little creative closet.


  1. your creative corner looks great! Ive been wanting to do the same thing in our office.. but to use it as storage.. I have a huge desk in the room.. I want to add shelves to keep all my things there.. Good Job!

    I will be posting before & after projects on my blog in a couple of days...I will love to feature your project on my blog.. I will have a link to your blog..please let me know if its ok with you!


  2. What did you use to create your desk?

  3. Hey Kat -

    We used a piece of white laminate counter top from Ikea.

  4. That looks amazing!!! Don't you feel great? Thanks for sharing.
    Bonnie :)

  5. What did you put up on the wall under the shelves that are holding the bowl of scissors and other things you have there.

  6. Hey Vanessa -

    The storage on the wall is from Ikea from their Grundtal series:

    It has worked out really well.


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