Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barnyard Nursery

My kids rooms are by far my favorite rooms in our house.

Here is what we did with our son's nusery, building on my favorite piece of furniture ever - the red crib we bought when expecting our daughter. The photos don't do it justice, the piece is actually stained red not painted, so you see subtle texture of the wood. I was nervous about such a bold color for a nursery but I haven't regretted it for a second. I don't think I will ever be able to part with this crib. Long after TJ has outgrown it, this crib will still be somewhere in our house.

The picture by the door, the one you can't really see cause of my flash - one of my favorite details of the room - it is of our then 3 year old daughter helping us paint the room.

The prints that came with the nursery collection by Kimberly Grant featured stars in the background - stars are my favorite shape... I'm not sure if everyone has a favorite shape, but I do. (I also have a favorite word, 2 of them actually.) So we built off that influence and painted very subtle stars around the room.

I also love how we've saved money in this room - I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting good deals.
The 4 shelves above the changing table? $3 each off of Craigs list.
The changing table itself? FREE from a coworker who was done having babies.
The bins below the changing table? $4 each on clearance at Tuesday Morning
Picture frames for the room? Bought one by one with 50% off coupons at AC Moore & Micheals
The Nursery Collection? I found it on an obscure website for about 45% off what other's were selling it for.

We're starting to talk big boy rooms for TJ... It is a little while off, but I'm really going to miss it when we do redo it.


  1. LOVE your son's nursery. How did you paint the subtle stars? They look fantastic, especially with the Kimberly Grant photos.

  2. Hi Tara -

    I'll post the details on how I did the stars tonight. They were really easy and remain one of my favorite parts of the room.


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