Friday, September 4, 2009

Another Reason I love Sherwin-Williams

When researching paints 4 and half years ago to paint our new (to us) home we settled on Sherwin-Williams. They offered everything we wanted, great color palette, color that was true to the palette, great coverage, durability and the people in the store were truly helpful and took the time to work with us. They even gave me one of their fan decks so I could carry all their color options with me where ever I went.

Now - there is more to love about Sherwin-Williams. Their Color-to-Go Sample Paints.

For $5, you get pretty much as close as you can possibly get to the color you're trying out. And the amount of paint is beyond generous. You can take it home, try it out, live with it, and save the sample for easy future touch ups if that is what you decide to go with. Rather than lug out a gallon of paint that might have 1/8th of the original amount in it - just keep the sample pot and you're covered.

I wasn't really planning on repainting any rooms, but these sample pots make me want to go ahead and do it anyway. I bought a couple of them today, thinking about doing some sort of accent wall in my bedroom. We'll see.

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  1. I's nice to hear of such a positive company. It really makes one wish to do work with their products.


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