Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Bedroom Improvements

So I blogged a couple of weeks ago about how unhappy I've been with our master bedroom. I realized through that post how completely insane it was that we were living with a bedroom that we didn't like. I don't even want to hint at how much we've got investing in this room. We spent way too much on the furniture.

And to have spent all that money and not love the room???

Crazy I tell ya, crazy.

You can see by the general condition of the room, how we felt about it. We weren't taking care of it. Piles of stuff on the dresser, end table... the cardboard still on the mirror 3 years after we bought it. (Embarrassing...) Here are 3 before and afters:

Before, entering the room:
After, entering the room:

Before, coming out of the bathroom:

After, coming out of the bathroom:

Before, from the closet corner:

After, from the closet corner:

The most amazing part to me, this transformation cost less than $100. Everything was bought at TJ Maxx:
- Green Quilt - $29
- Cream Blanket - $19
- Red Panel - $16 (I bought 1 and cut it down the middle)
- Red Pillows - $19

There it is... $83 to turn a room we hate, into a room we love.

WHY on earth did we live with hating it for 4 years???

We've still got more to do, but we're going to take it slow. Rushing is what got us into the miss, and we're going to be patient coming out of it.


  1. Wow! It went from cluttered and overwhleming to a sanctuary! I love the new bedding, simple, tasteful, not too much. Panel on window makes a HUGE difference! Great job Maggie!


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