Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Master Bedroom Plantshelf

The Nester is having another Price My Space Party and I can't resist.

Sadly, so little in our house is "done"... we've lived here 4 years and with the exception of the kids rooms, I wouldn't say anything is more than 80% done. (Our Barnyard Nursery and the Bug's room are online.)

And one of the worst rooms in our house, is the master bedroom, I know, I know... it should be a priority, and it was when we moved in. We bought all new furniture, but, I fear we've bought the wrong furniture. That is another post entirely for another day...

What we're here to do is Price My Space.

So while my master bedroom may be a failure right now, it is home to one of my favorite little nooks in the house. Our Plant shelf:

When we moved it I instantly had a vision for how it would look. Bug given that it was a rather useless space (above the double doors leading to the hallway), I didn't want to spend a lot. Here is the break down of how we did it.

  1. Throw blanket, originally $39.99 at Linens and Things, bought on clearance for $19
  2. Ironwork. TJ Maxx, "compare price" was $29.99 each. Their price $19.99, on clearance for $12 each.
  3. Trunk... oh this trunk. How I lusted for this trunk, it was $89 at Target. No way could I justify it. Then I found one that was badly damaged, it looked like it had been crushed. They had it on clearance for $50. I brought it to the manager and they took one look at it and gave it to me for $30. All it took was some pushing, pulling and carefully placed "L" brackets and it looks great. The lid doesn't actually close, but I don't need it to.
  4. 3 Black Candle Sticks and white candles. I found set exactly like them at Pier 1 for about $60 if memory serves me correctly. I paid $30 for this set at TJ Maxx
  5. Topiary. Originally $49.99 at Micheals. Used a 40% off coupon to get it for $29.
  6. Cute little bird house. Originally $19 at JoAnn's. Used a 40% off coupon and got if for $11.
  7. Carved Woodwork. Found at TJ Maxx, their "compare price" was $49, they were selling it for $29 and it was in the clearance section for $14!!!
  8. Letter "B" - The only thing I paid "full price for". At TJ Maxx for $9, their "compare price" was $15.
So... This entire space would have cost: $381.96
I spent $137!!!

And I had a wonderful time putting it together... at least one area in my master bedroom works, lucky it is right across from my bed so I get to look at it often.


  1. Looks great! Thanks for sharing! I really like those candle sticks. I saw some in white at the thrift store and have been kicking myself for not snatching them up!

  2. Great thrifty spot! :) I love the little trunk, and the topiary is awesome...gotta love those coupons! :) Thanks for the visit!

  3. Your plant shelf looks great! It takes time to get a whole room done but it feels good to see sections getting done. Our master bedroom also got put to the back of the list too. someday we will get to it!

  4. Thanks for stopping by :) Good luck with your mirror trim - measurements are key!
    I like your space in your bedroom, it looks beautiful!


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