Monday, August 10, 2009

Halloween in August

I came home tonight to our first Halloween Catalog. I know other families who've had them for weeks, others still who've had it planned for months. And you can now add us to the list of Halloween planners.

Bug has decided that she wants to be a yellow and blue bird. Something similar to this:

I see a lot of feathers in my future...

In the past Bug has had a mix of handmade, pulled together and store bought costumes but I think I'm in the mood to tackle this one. I think it just might end up being my favorite, here are a couple of our past favorites, back before princesses and fairies took over our world:

When she was 3 and a half, she had wanted to be a doctor, so we got her her own scrubs, pulled out the medical play kit and created "Dr. Bug."

Hands down, my favorite, was when she was 2 and a half and went trick or treating as "Little Red Riding Hood." I made the cape out of fleece so that no matter the weather, and here in Virginia it can easily be 45 as it can be 85 for Halloween - she could wear it, either with a t-shirt (as she did) or a turtleneck. Then a cute satin skirt, white tights and black shoes. We even took it so far as to have her basket of "goodies" be what she collected her treats in.

Tell me this isn't the cutest costume ever?

Thankfully, I've got 2 months to figure this bird thing out -oh and plan something for her brother... poor little guy, with the exception of Peter Pan last year, his Halloween costumes have not gone well.

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