Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Man Pit

Though we've lived in this house for over 4 years, there are only 2 rooms I consider done. The kids rooms. Everything else remains a work in progress. But another room that is more on the finished side, and I hope to be completely finished in the next couple of months is "The Man Pit". My husband's rec room.

To say my husband is a sports fan, doesn't cover it. The man is a sports freak. He loves sports. Specifically any team that has any ties to Syracuse University. He's an Eagles fan because of Donovan McNabb (lets not talk about Micheal Vick right now, we're in morning over here.)

Here are a few pictures of his rec room in progress.

The sofa and love seat are a little beyond tired, they are about 12 years old but they have to last a few more years.

On of my favorite parts of this room, is the shelf that we ran down the long wall. I was warned not to do this - it would my the long room look longer. And it does... but I think it works. In some odd way, I think enforcing a "negative" feature, can make it a good one. A double negative makes a positive in my world I guess.

The shelf came from Ikea, their Lack collection I believe. We bought 5 of these and put them end to end to end to end to end... where the pieces came together, sometimes it work, others it didn't. Where it didn't - we hung a pom-pom. Thus, making it work.

The wall opposite the long shelf features the Lack entertainment center and the 30 feet of shelving are perfectly balanced opposite the heavy entertainment center.

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