Sunday, August 2, 2009

Decoupage Switch Plate Cover

I'm becoming a decoupaging monster. Muahahaha

So as I when I finished taking pictures of Bug's Finally Finished Jewelry box, I was on my way out of her room when I spied her pathetic switch plate cover.

Our house came with the WORST switch plate covers in the history of interior design. They had all be painted over by previous owners and looked awful. Our only choice when painting the rooms was to leave them awful, or paint them with our colors and only have them be half awful. (I hate painted switch plate covers.)
(I didn't even have time for a proper before picture before I started taking the thing off the wall, the screws were there, though with layers of paint holding it in place, they weren't needed. Yes, I'm rolling my eyes.)

And here is her switch plate cover now less than 24 hours later:

I'd really like to replace all the switches in the house to a fresh white, but I'm afraid of electrical and my husband doesn't see the point if changing them. Maybe I can see if my father-in-law wants to make that a project next summer...

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