Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My new/old "real" workspace

I've posted about my other workspace, where I go to get my "craft on."

But that is just a portion of my creativity - 40 hours a week, plus an additional 20 or so a month, I get paid to be a creative professional. I have a bachelors of fine arts in graphic design that over the years I've applied in a variety of ways. Right now I manage the publications/marketing department for a trade association. I also freelance as a designer for another trade association creating their monthly 4 color newsletter from home.

Up until this week, while I worked at home I worked in this pathetic corner of our bedroom:

Depressing on many levels. Lets ignore the condition of my bedroom, that's another post with a happy ending as well. The desk didn't match our bedroom, or compliment it anyway. The desk was too wide so that neither our bedroom door or our closet door could open fully. And that chair... what bedroom looks like a bedroom with an office chair like that?

While revisiting options for our master bedroom, I remember this desk we had in the basement. It is from Ikea, their Alve collection I believe. We bought it when I freelanced full time about 5 years ago.

Why didn't I think of this sooner? I love the fact that the computer portion of the work station out of sight when not in use - I wouldn't have to see my work when I'm not working. I don't know why I dismissed this as an option when we moved to this house...

Either way, I'm thrilled with what I did to transform it for my bedroom workspace:

Can you see my smile from where you are???

Though I'm sure the photos tell the tale, here is what I did:
  1. Removed the back panel
  2. Sanded down the piece lightly - probably too lightly, the paint had issues adhering in some places.
  3. Painted everything with 2 coats of black paint
  4. Rather than painting the back panel, I decided to cover it with fabric, a sage green microfiber type fabric that I love the texture of. The fabric was supposed to be curtains years ago but didn't end up that way. Again... I don't know why. (Something is wrong with me)
  5. Next up, 2 coats of varnish - something I wouldn't have previously done but it was turning out so well I wanted to take the steps to protect it.
  6. Back panel goes back on and...
  7. I have a wonderful new workspace.
As for the chair... I now have a folding chair that I store in the closet, it is quite comfy.

(Please ignore the accessories, I am on a quest for the perfect accessories but for now I just threw a few homeless items from around the house together to fill it up.)


  1. Is your first desk from Target? It looks like a desk we bought for dh to work from home. It also didn't fit in the space we intended, so he sawed it down. We still have the dang thing and I use it as my've inspired me to reuse it somewhere else after it has been painted. Might make a great kid station in the basement.:) Love the new desk.

  2. Yes - my old work station was a desk from Target. We're not sure what we're going to do with it now, was thinking of holding onto it and painting it white as a desk for Bug...

    Or putting it on craigslist - which is more what I'm leaning towards.

  3. So glad you discovered your hidden treasure in the basement. You did a fab job with the paint and I love the fabric back. Thanks for sharing it at the POPP.


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