Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In Loving Memory of Otto the Orange

Poem For Cats
And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.
Author Unknown
This morning I held our beloved Otto as he passed away. He's been in our lives for 13 years and will remain in our hearts forever.

There is no way to describe how amazing this cat was... he was full of love right up until he left us. Our lives will not be the same without his gentle way. We're worried about his brother (pictured above, Wojo.) They've never been apart. But thankfully, Otto died at home, and Wojo got to see him and hopefully that will bring him peace.

I miss my puff kitty terribly....


  1. Oh, Maggie! I am so sorry. That poem is wonderful. I am an avid cat lover and had to put my two cats ages 14 and 15 down within 11 days of each other last year around this time. I know how hard this is for you and your family. Otto looks like a very sweet kitty.

    The problem with loving is that pets don't last long enough and people last too long. ~Anonymous

  2. My thoughts are with you and your family, we had to let our cat go a few years ago after he'd been with us for nearly 20 years. I still think of him almost daily. They make such a special place for themselves in our hearts.

  3. Oh I'm so sorry for your loss. Isn't it amazing how our pets become part of the family? They are a true Godsend. Otto was one handsome cat :)


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