Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pocket full of poppies

I love poppies... Not really sure why, other than that they are a lovely flower, but there is something else about them that captures my attention.

A couple of weeks ago while researching our kitchen renovation (update on that later in the week) I ran across some artificial red, orange and yellow poppies and I didn't quite know how I would use them, but I picked them up anyway. Then this past weekend we had a yard sale and my mom brought up some things to sell, including a horribly tarnished little silver bowl.

There was no way that little sucker was going in the yard sale, it was perfect to go with the poppies.

So here is what I started with:
  • Stems of poppies
  • Silver bowl (not that you can tell from the picture, just look at that sucker!!!
  • P olystyrene foam cup (I would have used floral foam, but we didn't have any and I had to improvise)
  • Silver polish
  • Moss
  • Scissors
First step, polish that little bowl, it took a little while but I got it looked pretty spiffy...

Next, cut the cup to the desired height:

Add some of the greens around the base and then drop it in the bowl:

Next Then simply pop the poppies in as well:

I filled in any gaps with the excess greens and moss:

I liked it so much and had 3 extra poppies and another bowl upstairs that I made another:

I love the punch of color that they bring to our house.


  1. Very cute! Such a great pop of spring color!

  2. I'm loving the color!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  3. What a great way to display flowers. Very pretty.


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