Sunday, October 31, 2010

Giving TRICK or Treat New Meaning

My son has not been a fan of Halloween. This is his 4th Halloween and he's yet to really trick or treat. Last year he refused to even put on a costume and stayed home with my parents while we took Bug trick or treating.

On Friday, Baby Bear had his first Halloween Parade at preschool. Even though he'd talked about being Buzz Lightyear for months, he refused to put on the costume. He was the only child out of 100+ that was in the parade in street clothes.

Figuring we were heading for another year of a Halloween with Baby Bear at home while we took Bug out I decided to get creative. A friend's son was dressing up as Charlie Brown and I realized that was the PERFECT costume for Baby Bear, especially given that he best friend is a stuffed black and white dog, Buddy. So I went for it... I picked up a yellow polo shirt at Target and some black fabric spray paint at JoAnns.

I then planned out the zig zag around the shirt.

Masked it out and protected the rest of the shirt.

And sprayed away...

This stuff is messy. Very very messy. It dripped everywhere, and bled under the tape a bit.

But somehow... it worked, at the last possible second, thanks to some creative coaxing by a friend, he put on the shirt and actually went Trick or Treating.

Charlie Brown and his Snoopy.

Super Girl and Charlie Brown:

It's funny - the shirt was messy, it didn't turn out like I'd hoped... but it is my favorite project in a long long time. And tonight, was one of the best nights ever. Seeing my little boy trick or treating through our neighborhood, trying to keep up with the big kids. Then deciding he didn't care, he and I went at his pace and he finished the street on his own.


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  1. How sweet. It's so fun how every kid has their own unique personality. I'm glad he was able to have fun trick or treating -- sounds like it was a fun night!


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