Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plant Clippings

We used to have a lot of plans in the house. That was before kids, but once Bug came along, it turned out that it was all I could do to keep her alive and the plants in the house were quickly sacrificed. (Don't worry, most were given away to friends and neighbors and very few plants were harmed in the building of our family.)

But during a recent visit to my mom's I fell in love with this little guy:

My mom was sweet enough to let me test out my plant keeping abilities and the sweet little ivy came home with me. That was a month ago and it is still alive... more than alive, thriving!

But you'll notice, there are 2 pots and only 1 plant. So, I'm going to really put the green thumb to the test and along with keeping the ivy alive, and the plants for Bug's teachers - I've gone ahead and clipped off a few of the leaves from the ivy, as well as the pothos and put them in water to see if I can get them to take root:

I'll keep you posted on how they are doing... though you might want to pray for them, just a bit anyway.


  1. The Pothos is so hardy you cannot possibly kill it! Altho, having said that, I may have just jinxed you, sorry :( I bought a potted one and submerged the pot in my aquarium so only the top leaf was above water and the thing grew like crazy, when I redid my aquarium it got potted in a seashell on my bookshelf. The thing is indestructible!
    Those leaves may not sprout roots unless you have a chunk of the vine in there too, they have 'eyes' sort of like a potato...ish.
    Good Luck!

  2. Both the ivy and the pothos have "node" like things on the stems and that's where the roots will grow from. With pothos I have just stuck a stem I clipped off in some dirt and as long as it has that node it will grow roots. Good luck! Love your blog


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