Sunday, March 7, 2010

Harlequin Pattern Vase

Back a couple of months ago, I bought 5 of the same ceramic vases at AC Moore for $2 each... one of those vases turned into something for Valentine's Day and I decided to indulge in a current fascination for my second one.

A Harlequin Pattern.

Ever since I used a harlequin patterned fabric on one of the 3 boxes I can't get the pattern out of my head.

So, I broke out one of vases, some vinyl and my cricut and got to work.


 Materials used:
  • Ceramic Vase
  • Black Vinyl
  • Cricut
  • Computer to create the pattern
Step 1 - Measure the vase to determine how big the pattern needed to be. Turns out, it needed to be about 7.25"x14.5".

Step 2 -  Create the pattern on my computer, to be cut with SCAL.

Step 3 - Cut on the Cricut and apply... now, I should have applied using the same method I did with my letter plates...  So lets just pretend I did that, instead of realizing far too late that I didn't have any more contact paper to use as transfer paper.

And here is the finished vase, I absolutely love it...



Including the cost of the vinyl, this vase cost less $3 and if I outgrow my harlequin phase, I can just take the vinyl off and turn the vase into something else.


  1. Great idea...I spend hours painting harlequin diamonds and checks!! You could also do this on candles!!

  2. What a cool idea!! I love how it looks and I love that you can just redo whenever you want.

  3. So neat! I need to invest in SCAL and some vinyl to make some projects with my Cricut!

  4. That is really creative, great job!! I found you from Make it for Monday. I am your newest follower!!! I can't wait to see what you do next!

  5. Very pretty! I love the harlequin pattern myself!

  6. Looks wonderful. Love this idea.

  7. very simple and yet ohhhhhh so chic! great job!

  8. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Handcraft category today [22 Mar 10:43am GMT]. Thanks, Maria


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