Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Love Love...

I really don't do too much seasonal decorating aside from a WHOLE lot at Christmas, a little for the Fall and maybe a touch of something for Spring.

But there is something about having kids that has made me want to celebrate a little more, give more attention to the other holiday's and changes of the seasons.

I found these great vases as AC Moore a couple of weeks ago, they were just $2 each. And of course I forgot to take a before picture... but I've got 5 of them and this is just one project so hopefully I'll get a before at some point.

So, a little red vinyl...

Cut on the Cricut...

Turns into this:

And if I want, at the end of Valentine's I can just peal the Vinyl back off and do whatever else I want with it, or tuck it away to celebrate with next year.


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