Sunday, January 31, 2010

1 Frame, 3 ways.

I found these adorable frames at JoAnns yesterday on clearance for $2.50 each.


At that price, I picked up 3 and right away knew I was going to do a Valentine's series in them. Here is what I decided to do with the first.


  • 5"x5" Frame
  • Hearts cut to a variety of sizes
  • Square of burlap (left over from the place mat project) 
  • Black paper
  • Foam Mounting Squares
Mount the burlap to the black square, and then begin layering the hearts with the mounting foam squares to give some dimension to the piece.

Side view to see how the layers are working.

Keep going 'till you're out of hearts and then put the piece in the frame.


They aren't photographing as cute as they look in person... bummer.
Look for the other 2 frames later in the week and then I've got to find a way to display them together.


  1. Nice and simple enough to change out for the next holiday decoration.

  2. What a cute idea, I will have to try this.


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