Thursday, January 28, 2010

Failed Candle Holders

So not all projects go as planned, we all know that... figured I'd share one of my failures...

I had high hopes to make these little "love" votive holders. I assembled my materials.
  • 4 Glass Votive Holders
  • Glass Etching Cream
  • Contact paper to use as a stencil
  • My cricut to cut the contact paper
  • Some red vinyl that I was going to try a little something different with.
So I cut the contact paper and applied it to the votive.

I even burnished down the edges
(Photo by my son, had to use it...)

I then applied the etching cream according to instructions. Which I didn't want to photograph for fear of touching the camera and the etching cream at the same time.

Batch one didn't work out... at all really. I left the cream on the full 5 minutes, thought I had applied it liberally enough, but ended up with spotty results.

Yeah... that is not the look I was going for.

So I reviewed the instructions, and decided that it could have been because they weren't quite clean enough and maybe I didn't apply the etching cream liberally enough or leave it on long enough...

I tried again.

I failed again.

Parts turned out better:

But no single votive was even close to being what I wanted.
I might try again... I might not. 


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  2. I'm not sure what kind of paint brush you used, but when I use a foam brush I have the best of luck (you know, those black cheap foam brushes). It covers better and doesn't leave streaks. Also, I first apply with an even thin coat, then glop it on after that. Hope you have better luck, and can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I have never tried glass etching but I have had many other failed craft projects. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments on the Ballard knock-off.

  4. Hey! thanks for stopping by over at my blog. as far as tips go, maybe you should try to etch just the L, O, V, and E. when you cut the contact paper with the Cricut, use the negative of the letter. that way, you dont have to use NEARLY as much cream.

    I learned the hard way about the time too. a couple years ago when i did my first pyrex dish i followed the directions (which are WRONG haha) and now i just let it sit and go shower or cook dinner. you need to apply a big glob of it, but i just take my little brush and scoop it off and put it back in the container so i dont waste it all, then i rinse it in the sink, then take off the contact paper.

    i also just use a little cheapy like water color painting brush from the dollar store, i saw someone mention a foam brush, but the stuff is so expensive i dont want it to be absorbed in the foam!

    you seem to know what you did wrong, and i think you should try it again. it really is a gorgeous result once you get the hang of it!
    best of luck!!!


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