Monday, January 18, 2010

Play Room Clip Art Rail

It was through Kari at UCreate that I found Ana at Knock Off Wood when she featured this project:

Creative Guest: Knock-Off Wood {Clip Art Rails Tutorial}

I picked up the 1x2 for less than $5 at Lowes, everything else I had on hand to fix up this bare wall in the kids playroom:

Ana's tutorial is much better, but in case you are interested, here is how I did it.

  • 1 length of 1x2" pine
  • 2 handfuls of clothes pins
  • Spray paint
  • Gorilla Glue
Ok - so first I measured and cut the 1x2" to 80" which was about 4" shorter than the wall.

Then I painted it black to match the bookcase and frames in the room.

I took apart the clothes pins and spray painted them silver (the color of metals in the room, the lamp the storage stuff in my craft area.)

And then I had to put those little suckers back together which I've got to tell you is NOT easy.

I was going to decoupage the clips, like I did back in November but then decided I liked them plain.

Next up - affixing the clothes pins to the 1x2 - I decided to use Gorilla glue rather than screwing them into the rail, the stuff worked really well on the bunk bed book shelves and I've got plenty left over.

Once the Gorilla Glue had dried, we simply used dry screws to attach it directly into the studs.

(That is the back of my husband - I don't have quite the muscle to counter sink the dry wall screws into the studs... had to bring in the muscle.)

And here is the finished rail:

More tomorrow on what we've done with it... stay tuned.


  1. Maggie, This turned out to be fabulous!! I will do this in our playroom, too!!

  2. Looks awesome! Thanks so much for trying this project.


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