Friday, January 8, 2010

Please don't make me twitch.

Ok - I'm new at the blog thing, we know that... I think it is rather obvious.

But, what I am not new to is creating graphics for the web. I've been doing that since 1995. And for you younguns out there, yes, the web has been around that long.

I've got a favor for you out there in blog land... PLEASE don't upload graphics to your blog that are HUGE. They take forever to display, choke my connection and make it very difficult to visit ya'll on my lunch hour.

Especially for your core blog graphics like your background, header, buttons and such. If any of them are over 100k - you need to change your file type, your resolution, your optimization... something... anything to get that sucker below 100k. I ran into a graphic the other day that was 800k. On a slowish cable connection that is going to take almost a full minute to display, even a best case with a fast connection I'm still waiting 10 seconds or more.

I like to use bigger pictures for my projects to people can click on them and see them in more detail and I appreciate it when others do the same... but even those shouldn't go over 300k.

So please... don't make me twitch, and if you need help optimizing your graphics let me know.

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