Friday, May 28, 2010

Pat's Pals Party - Celebrating 15 Years

My mother has 3 major accomplishments in her life, raising my brother, raising me and surviving breast cancer. Next weekend, I've arrange for her sisters to come to DC to celebrate her 15 year anniversary with us, we'll participating in the Race for the Cure and then having a victory party.

I've made this logo to put on the sleeves of our shirts:

I've got a few ideas for the victory party but I know there are some pretty amazing party planners out there so if anyone has any suggestions - I'd love to hear what you come up with.

So far, here is what I know we're doing:
  • Scrapbook celebrating all that she survived to see, the weddings, the grandchildren, the friends, the trips...
  • A collage of those pictures framed
  • A "Survivor Sash" for her to wear during the Race for the Cure
  • Pink decorations
  • Pink M&M's
  • Pink Ribbon cookies (made by my very talented friend Christin.)
Anyone have any other ideas???

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