Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trendy Blog Award

Jan from The Simpler Life was sweet enough to name Generally Creative as one of her top 10 Trendy blogs. Thanks Jen! (After I already started this post, Carrie at Dittle Dattle was kind enough to do the same, I'm flattered!)

Now it is my turn to feature my Top 10 Trendy Blogs:

  1. Tara @ Sassy Inspirations
  2.  Katherine @ Sevi Designs
  3. The sisters @ Roots and Wings
  4. Chelsea @ Room to Inspire
  5. Shannon @ Posh Pieces
  6. Megan @ Polish the Stars
  7. Carolyn @ My Back Yard Eden
  8. Janice @ Moderate, Interrupted
  9. JHill @ Mad in Crafts
  10. Jeannine @ Creative Juice Studios

Thanks for inspiring and entertaining me! 

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