Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Staged Shelves

Things with the kitchen renovation have been moving slower than I had hoped, a mix of lack of proper motivation, time and help.

But I think I've almost got the items on the shelves arranged the way I want and I thought I'd share that little victory with you.

I picked up this bowl from a local artisan guild, it has me dreaming of leaning to throw pottery... that and pop corn, it is the perfect pop corn bowl so it also has me dreaming of pop corn a lot.

And I present - the original inspiration for the shelves, I needed a place to display these (the cook books not the creamer and sugar bowl):

You know how people talk about what they would take from their house in the event of fire, well these are on my list. And not because they are cookbooks, while I like cooking, I don't like it enough to get all jazzed up over a cookbook. I love them because of this:

And this:

See the 2nd line there? "The WGBH-TV Crew..." My dad was a part of that crew. The autographs above were to my parents, Pat is my mom, Mark, my dad. I didn't really know my dad, he died when I was 3, so having these cookbooks, this part of his career, means so much to me.

I'm so happy to have a place to display them know, they bring a smile to my face each time I see them.


  1. Just another reason to love my Julia Child Cookbooks, I will never be able to read that acknowledgment in the front without thinking of you and your family now, what a great connection!

  2. I love the white shelves. Always seems like I never have enough shelves in my home.

    Maggie ~ I awarded you the "Trendy Blog Award". Please come by and get your button/award.

  3. Those cookbooks are amazing. At first I was going to say, wow you have a little gold mine, they go for a good amount on Ebay, lol. Then I read the history & how sweet is that. You really have something cool to cherish!


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