Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Stars

My creative mind couldn't stop at just the 3-d stars... I wanted to find a way to make double stars, stars that were puffed out on both sides.

I figured all the stars needed were some tabs on the outside edges.

So I created the little template on my computer:

Kind of looks more like a snow flake doesn't it?

Bear with me, I promise it will turn into a double sided star here shortly.

So with the template I could have either printed it on decorative paper, or done like I did which was to export this file as an SVG and then cut it using my Cricut.

I scored the back of 2 of the stars, along the tabs and along the point to the center as I did in my earlier project. This time I actually used a scoring tool - fancy dancy. I also made note that I score the lines that I wanted to be a peak, on the wrong side, and the lines that I wanted to be a valley on the right side. Something I forgot to note in the first project.

Then I folded everything making sure the tabs were folded wrong side together.


Now, we could have stopped here and glued the stars to a flat piece of paper if that is what we were going for. But it wasn't...

So I kept going. Next was to apply glue to the tabs of the stars.

Then line up the points of the left side and the right side and pinch together.

You have to be a little patient while waiting for the glue to catch before moving to the next point of the star.

But when you're done - you've got this, a double sided 3 d-star.

I kept on cutting, scoring, folding, gluing over and over 'till I had these:

Our little patriotic jar of stars...

And since I've got the template I can cut these on my cricut on any paper, anytime and at any size... I'm thinking metalic papers at the holidays... run some string or twine in between for lovely ornaments. Maybe by then I'll have a toy to emboss the papers too.

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