Thursday, July 29, 2010

Junk Drawer No More!!!

One of the things I was looking forward to when we added the base cabinets to our kitchen we increase the number of drawers we had available. Pre-Renovation we had 3 top drawers in the kitchen. THREE!!! That meant 1 for silverware, 1 for cooking utensils and 1 for junk.

The new base cabinets added 4 drawers!!! So on the cooking side of the kitchen I reclaimed the junk drawer, so that I now have 2 for cooking utensils and I love it.

On the eat in side we have a drawer for our address book and note cards, a drawer with activity books for the kids, a drawer for notebooks and a junk drawer.

Since getting the new junk drawer I've been looking for the "perfect" organizer to make it a little less junkie.

See what I mean:

Yikes - that is embarassing.

But when I was cleaning up the kids play room I found the perfect solution:

Anyone recognize the Melissa and Doug crates?

They are the perfect little container to help contain the contents of the drawer formerly known as the junk drawer.

I've got a crate for batteries, adhesives (tape, glue...) and one for everything else. Plus one of the kids shoe boxes to contain the bigger stuff.

I'm so happy to have this organized!!!

And it was quite an interesting experience to clean out this drawer... why on earth were we keeping some of this stuff???

Some of my friends might recognize that - a key from my jetta. Yeah, that would be the car that Jim totaled 2 and a half years ago.

Anyone have a clue what his key is for because their of us do.

Who doesn't need an empty book of match books???

And for those environmental friendly people who gasped at our collection of batteries, never fear - we are more eco friendly than it looked:

We do have rechargeable batteries that we use for our camera's, kids hand held games, our remotes and a variety of other things.

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