Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kitchen Renovation - Update

We're not complete on section 5, the wainscoting and molding, but we made unexpected progress on the back splash.

We hadn't really planned on addressing the back splash 'till a little way down the road. It was the one part of the kitchen that I didn't really have a specific vision for.

Then along came my father-in-law... he visits every summer for a week or 2. In addition to being a very loving grandpa to the 2 best grandchildren in the world, he is also a semi-retired general contractor.

: )

He's built 2 of the houses Jim grew up in, among many other things... and for us, he's worked with Jim to put a deck on our town house and then our single family home.

When he arrived, our back splash looked like this:

I'm pretty sure he started twitching right away... then when I explained I didn't think we'd do anything for a while, I'm pretty sure he was ready to faint right there.

That is when he offered to tile the back splash for us. YAHOOO!!!

The next day Jim and Mr. B hit the Restore and picked up just what they needed, simple, elegant, white tile.

And now our back splash looks like this:

While I was prepared to live with the unfinished ugly one for a few months, I'm beyond thrilled that we don't have to.


  1. So pretty!!! Don't you just love father-in-laws? Mine just finished building me a new mantel! :) Hey I was wondering if you happen to have the two different templates for your stars? (the chubby star and the one for the double sided star) I LOVE them and want to make a ton for my christmas tree! If you wouldn't mind sending me the templates, I would love you forever!!! :)

  2. What a difference the white tile makes! It looks great!

  3. Looks awesome! Free labor is the best gift in the world!


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