Saturday, July 3, 2010

Movie Party - Part 2, the Poster

For Bug's Movie Party, we decided to watch Beauty and The Beast.

In order to get the kids in the mood, as soon as they arrived we had them put themselves IN the movie by taking their picture in a cut out movie poster, here is how we did it.

I took a Beauty and the Beast poster, this is from the musical I believe but I didn't care.

We mounted it to a piece of thick form core:

Then we cut out the faces from the poster - allowing the kids to become Beauty and the Beast...

While the kids were watching the movie, and all was taken care of... a friend and I ran to walgreens down the street and got copies of all the pictures. When the parents came to pick up the kids - the photos were waiting as part of their favors.

And as for the favors... we carried full through with the movie theme, the kids got popcorn boxes with a package of microwave popcorn, a box of movie candy and their movie poster picture.

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  1. Aww this is such a sweet idea! That's definitely the best party favour i've ever heard of! Too cute!
    I loove Beauty and the Beast. I saw the musical live with Hugh Jackman as Gaston. Awesome.


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