Saturday, July 3, 2010

Movie Party - Part 1, the Invite

We hosted Bug's Birthday Party last weekend - thought I'd share with you some of what we did...

First the theme: A night at the movies.

It was supposed to be a day at the movies, we were going to take her and 10 of her friends to the movies. But as it turns out the local theater that hosts birthday parties, wasn't going to have a kids movie that weekend. For some reason they were the only theater in the area that didn't have Toy Story 3. And we didn't find this out 'till 3 weeks before the party. (Despite me reserving the day 2 months earlier!!!)

That really left us no choice but to host the party on the party at our house...

So we set out to transform our basement into a movie theater - we set the tone with the invitation.

I designed this is photoshop and then just had it printed at Ritz photo on matte paper as a 5x7 photo. Usually when I do invites I print them through zazzle or vistaprints, but given our time frame, doing the 5x7 photo was really the only choice.

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