Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 Tier Khaki Broom Skirt

This weekend was not a good weekend for sundresses. Not a good weekend at all. I gave up after ruining 2 of them. They might be able to be saved, but not this weekend.

What this weekend was good for was for making my first broom skirt.

The skirt is a bit cuter in person, not sure why by my creations don't seem to photograph well. It doesn't help that my kids don't like to cooperate.

The pattern I followed for this skirt (free online here) was for someone much bigger than my little bug, so I had to modify it.
  • Instead of making the strips 10 inches tall, I made them 5" tall with the top tier 6.5"to allow for the elastic band.
  • The first strip was 30" wide
  • 2nd strip 40" wide
  • 3rd strip 50" wide
Other than that is was pretty much as the pattern states. I really like the instructions they have for making gathers.

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