Saturday, March 7, 2009

The General List

You'll see here - I'm not a one project at a time kind of girl. I've got a lot of irons in the fire and that is the way I like it. It drives my husband a bit batty.

Recently completed:
  • Green Smocked Dress - Very happy with it
  • School Dress - Didn't go well and will be revisited soon
  • Blue Dress - too small, bummer - LOVE the way it came out (details to come)
  • Yellow Sundress - Pretty happy with it, not sure I used the right top (details to come)
  • Janie Painting - a 9"x11" painting for friends who just had a baby. Happy with how it turned out. (Yes, details to come)
  • Kid's bathroom - thanks to a $10 can of paint, $8 worth of wall decals on clearance from Linens & Things and reusing towels from our old townhouse, this room is as done as I consider anything. Of course, I reserve the right to revisit.

In progress:
  • Lady Bug Sundress - everything is washed and ready to sew
  • Butterfly Sundress - everything is washed and ready to sew
  • Khaki Vine Broom Skirt - everything is washed and ready to sew
  • 3x3 paintings - no idea what I'm doing with these. I found 2 3"x3" canvases at at a thrift store for $.50 each and wanted to turn them into something... 2 weeks later I'm still clueless.
  • Jewelry box - this has been in progress for about 8 months, I started it as a birthday gift for Bug (July) I'm not ready to give up. Yet.
  • Crochet "thing" - I'm learning to crochet, I haven't decided if my first project is turning into a pillow or a hot pad, depends on how I like how it is turning out. I can stop at 8" for a hot pad, or keep going to 14" or 16" for a pillow.
  • TJ's lamp - Finished the lamp shade, need to spray paint the base.
  • Guest Bedroom. I've rearranged the furniture, reassigned some pieces to other parts of the house and reclaimed a few things as well. Very happy with the arrangement. Now I'm working on accessories. I found a BUNCH of frames at a thrift store on their 75% off frames day and have to spray paint them and figure out exactly how I'm using them.
  • Brooch display - I've started collecting vintage/antique brooches and I'm playing with ideas on how to display them.
On Deck:
  • Living room/Dining room window treatments - I've got the perfect fabric, I just have no idea what I'm doing with it. I love the molding around our windows and don't really want to cover it up. But both rooms could benefit from "something" to enhance their height and dress them up a bit more.
  • Table runner for Dining room - want to use the same fabric as for the window treatments, but obviously until I know how much I need for the window treatments, I don't want to go cutting into it for the runner.
  • Apron's for Bug and me - I want to make matching aprons for us, she loves cooking with me and hosting our own little TV show as we do. She even sends us to and from commercial break - I think she learned that from watching cooking shows with grandma. Figured it would be a fun birthday gift for her in July.

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