Wednesday, February 10, 2010

THE bookcase

I think all I really need to do is post a before picture and you'll see why we needed a new solution for this space.

Yeah, that sooooo isnt' working.

We've been looking for a solution here for about 3 years, originally there was a smaller bookcase and what is pictured was an upgrade (borrowed from the guest bedroom.) After finding pieces priced from $200 - $450 and HIGHER, I had just about given up.

Then I found Ana's website. And more specifically, THIS bookcase.

I'm pretty fearless when it comes to home improvement/creative projects so it took me all of 2 seconds to decide to do it... thankfully my parents have a pick up truck and I convinced them to come see the grandchildren, little did they know we were also going to Lowes to buy the materials.

I'm not going to go through the materials list, or the step by step, Ana's got all that on her website... I will show a bit of our process and some of the things we learned. This post may be long, but believe me - once you get to the end and see the finished piece, you'll know it was worth it.

Ok, so we started out by mapping Ana's cut instructions and deciding that if we were going to do this, I wanted it exactly as I wanted it... so we increased the width by 4 inches.

And here is a bit of what we went through.

(We went with the furring strips instead of the finished 1x2's and 1x3's... this considerably increased our sanding, but we saved A LOT!)

We had to move the building into the kitchen when temperatures dipped WAY too low to keep working in the garage. My neat freak husband wasn't thrilled about this... so we moved to the foyer after that night)


Building done - let the priming/painting begin.

And this is when I noticed a problem... a big problem, the back looked awful, we went with the 1/4" plywood and should have gone with MDF or something, anything else.

So, it was back to Lowes where I picked up this paintable textured wall paper. Very happy with this solution and I've already got another project lined up to use the remaining wall paper.

So, are you ready to see the finished bookcase... Here it is:



In the next couple of days, I'll post more about what we've done with it... but I think I've rambled on long enough.

Oh - the budget. The final cost for the bookcase, MDF, Plywood, furring strips, nails, paint, wall paper... and likely a bunch of stuff I've forgotten, it cost: $90


  1. How great that looks - I have two boxes of that beadboard looking wallpaper in my garage just waiting for me to use - cannot wait!

    Your bookcase came out fab-o!! Love those colors too!

  2. Wow - that is amazing. I also have been eyeing Ana's website and wondering if I could do something like that...your bookshelf looks wonderful.

  3. You did more than a great job, you are a professional! It looks like it came right out of a trendy catalog. You made it look so easy too.
    My best

  4. Wow this came out beautifully! I feel inspired to try it myself. I thought it would cost way more than you spent to make something that looks that good!

  5. wow this looks great!! i love white furniture.

    stop by my goodwill goodies blog party every wednesday!

  6. Awesome job...just love guys did great!

  7. Great Transformation! Love the combination of the white with the dark top! You did a fabulous job!


  8. This is gorgeous! Love how you did the top in black!

  9. I'm so bookmarking this. I want something like this as well.. Totally cute... Oh thanks for following me, and, Thanks for joining me for another great party at "Get Your Craft on Thurs." Please join me next week for another wonderful party..

    Please stop by for a big annoucement Tuesday, 16th. I'm so excited...


  10. Your bookcase is really beautiful. Isn't Ana's blog amazing? You are obviously much like her if you can build that.

  11. It's wonderful. Can't believe the wallpaper. Looks like beadboard!

  12. That is quite a transformation! Great job!

  13. Wow...your bookcase looks fabulous! Great job, and I really love the black top and bead board! Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday, and I followed too :)

  14. Awesome job. I love when it's made instead of purchased. Looks beautiful. What color is the paint? I LOVE it.

  15. Beautiful! I need to try out some of her tutorials!

  16. Oh my. It turned out just beautiful! I have got to get me some of that wallpaper. I've seen it all over blog land and I just love it!

  17. Wow! What a great job! Good for you for building something for a fraction of the cost. And it looks sooooo good. Nice work!

  18. Suh-weet! I love it. You know, I could probably fit all the materials into the mini-van! :)

  19. Gorgeous! I love the black top and the beadboard wallpaper! What a great job you did.

    I host a weekly link party and would love to have you come on over and link up!

  20. Hi Maggie, it feels good to make something doesn't it? Good job!

    Just so you know, the original back piece you used and were not pleased with is NOT plywood, it is OSB, oriented strand board. (and sometimes known as waferboard) Plywood does not have the large pieces of wood glued on every which way. Plywood would be fine for a bookcase back.


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