Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper Play

So now that I've completed the bookcase, I feel like I can finally address the other awful area between the foyer and the bathroom... the wall above the old bookcase.

That area has never worked, we hung the shelf too high and never bothered to anything about it. There is a horribly placed series of light switches... the space just hasn't work.

But I had gathered the things I thought I wanted to work there. The heart art trio, a square mirror we've had kicking around after it was removed to make room for something else, 2 mini-shelves the I picked up for $5 at a thrift store, the shadow boxes of the kids,  a vase I made earlier in the year and a star that I've had for months and couldn't find a home for.

Given that I had so many pieces to work with, I knew I couldn't just throw everything to the wall and let it stick where it fell.

So I employed the often used technique of making paper shapes of the items and arranging them on the wall. (There were 2 screws in the wall from the shelf that I used for the mirror...)

Yeah, that didn't work... don't think the 2 shelves is going to be possible, trying 1 and flipping everything.

Ok, there is something about that, it almost works for me... add the vase to the shelf...

Realize I can't reach the light switch around the star.


Realize I'm forcing the star and liked the shadow boxes on the other side. Oh - I've got 3 boxes I've wanted to work with...

Yes, that is working more like I wanted. I live with it for a few hours and decide I'm ready to commit!!!

Another advantage to using the paper, I marked where the mounting brackets were on the back of the shelf and the frames. I made sure everything was level...

And drilled the screws right in through the paper.


Pulled off the paper and mounted the shelf.

Same thing with the 3 frames, made sure they were aligned as I wanted and put the nails in right through the paper.


And here is the finished product... I have to finish the boxes, and will likely add a few more things, but this is the core of the area.



I've got 4 more of the undecorated vases, I can create other seasonal versions as well a neutral one. I've got a plan for the 3 frames to go neutral as well as other seasonal ideas... I wanted to keep the core items within the black and cream palette so no matter what else I add, everything still works.

I'm VERY happy with it!!!  


  1. Great job! I like how you planned out the area.

  2. That's so much better than my method...pounding a bunch of holes in the wall. Your Valentine decor looks sweet! ~Lezlee

  3. You are such a smarty! My walls would certainly love it if I used this approach instead of punching a cazillion holes. Great selection choice! Everything looks fantastic!
    Thanks for linking to Creative Cats! Come back and play again! I like your style!


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