Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Double Square Pillows

I had the fabric for these pillows, what I didn't have were anymore pillow forms or filling. Or so I thought... then I liberated filling from a tired old pillow, and after making one smaller rectangle pillow, I still had plenty for 2 more pillows.

But, I rather hate the the look of pillows without pillow forms. They always look lumpy. So, I grabbed some scraps of fabric and made my own pillow forms. The pillows I was making were out of fleece so nothing I did with the forms was going to show through.

Next up - the actual pillows. These are my favorite pillows to make because you just slip the pillow form in, you don't have to sew closed by hand any stupid edge. I hate hate hate hand sewing.

I cut a strip of green fleece, 2 and a quater times the finished width of the pillow, by the width plus a .5" seam allowance.

I folded over one of the short ends and sewed a seam because it will show on the finished pillow.

Next, with right sides together fold the fabric with a 2-4" over lap with the finished seam on the inside.

And sew the open edges:

Turn the cover right side out.

Sew a seam 2" in from the edge all the way around:

Here is the final piece:

Just insert the pillow forms in the back and fluff them up.

And now the pillows have joined the rest of their friends on the daybed.

I'm rather addicted to pillows, I'm not sure I can stop...

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