Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I've Learned Wednesday: Project Boxes

Organization. I get teased at work for being organized, for some reason some people seem to think that organization and creativity are mutually exclusive. I find it to be the opposite, if I'm organized, if my space, my files, my tools are organized, easy to access, then I have the space to be creative.

One of the things I like to do, is let go of the original packaging. For some reason, I have a tendency to want to hold onto it - even when it is completely dysfunctional.

Like this:

This container of beads and tools is great, if is the only beading supply/container you've got and you've got some place to put it. But if you don't it is just something else to carry around and try to pack up.

So, as soon as I realized this beading things is actually becoming an obsession a frequent project, I found a box, and organized all the supplies I need to bead... (Now all I can think of is... "I feel the need, the need, to bead.)

Now, whenever I feel that need to bead, I just go to my craft closet, and get the "Beading" box. I can take the box anywhere in the house, and I've got all my supplies. And I mean ALL my supplies. Sometimes, that means I have duplicate tools. I've got simple scissors in about 5-6 of my supply boxes, but that means when I grab a box, I've got EVERYTHING I need and I'm not looking for scissors, tape, a ruler or whatever else.

I've been sort of feeling in a blogging rut - judging by a lot of the blogs I stalk follow, this seems to be common this time of year. So to help keep it "Fresh" I've decided to branch out from my usual project recaps/tutorials just a bit by adding a couple of weekly posts.

What I've Learned Wednesday will feature what I've learned as I've worked on projects. Things that kind of get lost in a tutorial but are still important.

You'll also see something on Friday as well as the occasionally appearing "Generally Speaking" where I post about things that don't fit anywhere else...


  1. I like the idea of duplicate tools... I am forever looking for the scissors I used for a sewing project when I am moving on to a quilt project. Thanks for the good idea!


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