Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Polka Dot Toss Pillows

I'm pretty sure these are the easiest toss pillows I've ever made.

They started as a pillow case for a body pillow:

When I decided wanted the back bolsters to be the same fabric as the side bolsters that left me with a body pillowcase to figure out what to do with:

(Wojo was confused too)

Then I realized I had 3 pillows, 2 from Bug's little girl room, and one from our room that were not being used.

 (Wojo agreed, "cut the suckers up" he said.)

And so out came my seam ripper... 
And out popped the pillow forms:

So I cut up the pillow case into 2 squares and 1 rectangle. (One of my pillow forms was in rough shape, more on that in a minute.)

All I had to do was sew the open edges, pop in the pillow forms and I had 2 new pillows.

Now, as for the ugly pillow form, it has been around a while and covered at least 3 times. So I decided to liberate the filling inside, it was much more useful to me that way:

Part of the filling went into the smaller of the pillows, the rest I'll show you tomorrow.

And here are the finished pillows on the daybed:

One more set of pillows tomorrow... stay tuned.

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