Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday's Fail: How NOT to wrap a bobble

So I'm not really feeling the "Friday's Fixin' to Do..." So what I'm "Fixin' to Do" this Friday, is change my mind to make Fridays all about Fails.

Welcome to the First Edition of Friday's Fail.

I could make this easy and say what failed was "Friday's Fixin' to Do..."

: )

Let's face it, project don't always go as planned, and if I've learned anything, it is that failure often teaches us the most. 

About a year ago I bought this bracelet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet:

Now that I'm experimenting with jewelry, I wanted to try and make my own variation. What I'm not sure if you can see in the photo above, is that the bobbles are actually routed a bit around the edge so that the wire cuts into the bobble just a bit. 

I wasn't up for breaking out the dremel and cutting into glass. That just didn't seem like a beginner project to me. I figured I could wrap the bobbles.

I grabbed some simple dollar store bobbles and some 24 gauge wire... and started wrapping.

That may not look too bad, but if you touched the bobble, it fell out.

Yeah, isn't that attractive.


Oh my....

This is getting embarrassing.

No wait. THIS is embarrassing. 

So, I didn't figure out how to wrap bobbles. Yet. What I did learn is that 24 gauge wire is NOT the way to do it. It doesn't have enough strength. 

I have learned how to wrap beads though, more on those next week!

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