Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charity Auction

I had a handful of inquiries about the rose wire wrapped pearl set that I posted tutorials for last week. The set is not for sale, I've considered selling some of the things I make but am not set up to just yet.

But seeing as how the set was so popular, I decided to put it to good use by donating it to the Keeping Kolby Charity Auction. So if you are interested in the bracelet and earrings, they can be yours, all while helping Kolby fight cancer.

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The CURRENT AUCTION will go until TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th at midnight. 

And if you are a crafter with anything that you would like to donate to the next auction, you can check out the details here.

About Kolby
On May 22, 2010Kolby was diagnosed with Advanced Stage (4) Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Cancer. It is a very rare, and a very aggressive form of Lymphoma Cancer.

This blog is dedicated to her, as we share our experiences and feelings in our ongoing battle of Keeping Kolby with us.

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  1. I saw your set on the auction site - and I really hope no one else bids on them!!! :D if they do though - I've already bookmarked your tutorial!!


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