Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty Easy Halloween Earrings

These are just about as easy as the bracelet I posted on Thursday and as luck would have it, they match. I completed both of them in under an hour - well under an hour actually.


  • Earring findings
  • 2 different beads - I went with 8mm black and 10mm tiger's eye green
  • Spacer beads
  • 1 inch head pins (there are 2 major pins in jewelry making, head pins and eye pins. Head pins have - well, heads. Eye pins have loops, or eyes.)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
Step 1 - Thread the beads onto the headpins

Step 2 - Using the chain nose pliers bend the top of the pin at a 90° angle.

Step 3A - Take the round nose pliers and place them at the end of the pin with your pliers grasped in your hand, palm up. 

Step 3B - Holding the beads with one hand, twist the round nose pliers around so that your palm is now facing down and you've created and eye on the top of the pin.

Step 4 - Open the eye of the earring finding and place the eye of the beaded section onto the earring finding.

There you go - earrings to match the bracelet. 

Of course you're not limited to halloween themes - you could do anything you want... including your favorite sports team.


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  1. Very nice- What a great idea to be able to make your own perfectly coordianted jewelry!I just love all the things you create and show us! =)


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