Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fab-u-lous Fall Candle

My mom is hysterical - She loves all things sparkly, all things fab-u-lous. She wears sparkly clothes, loves sparkly jewelry and decorates her home with the same affection for sparkle and flare. (But note, she is NOT a girly-girl. My lack of a girly-girl gene was passed down from my mother...)

That makes our styles very different - and tonight - my mom came to help get Bug to and from dance and with her she brought supplies and a vision for this Fab-u-lous Fall Candle.

While my mom is creative, her talents are more with knitting and sewing, not general crafting... so she knew I could handle what she wanted a lot quicker and with a lot fewer glue gun burns than she could.

Really, this project was insanely simple. From start to finish was all of about 10 minutes, including taking pictures along the way. 

Here is what we started with:

  • Wire edge ribbon
  • Jar candle
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
Step 1 - Cut a 10" length of wire edge ribbon. Gently pull one end of the wire and wrap it around the ribbon to secure it from come out.

Step 2 - Keeping the end of the wire that you just secured firmly in place, push the ribbon towards the secured end so that the ribbon gathers. (That seems like the single most complicated way to describe something very simple but I just can't find the "easy" words.)

Step 3 - Wrap the gathered ribbon around the wire you just pulled to form a flower and repeat over and over and over again.

The smaller flowers pictured above were created by first cutting the ribbon in half and then following the same steps as above.

Step 4 - Hot glue the flowers to the jar candle.

And repeat... Until you have a Fab-U-Lous Fall Candle.


  1. This seems like an awesome beginner project and I'd love to make one for an upcoming autumn party as a hostess gift. But I'm still a little unclear on Step 1. Do you pull out both the wires on one end, or just one? And I don't understand what you wrap it around - itself, poking it through the fabric to make loops? HELP ME.

  2. I love it!!

    I've been looking for ways to cover candle labels.


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