Monday, September 13, 2010

Pumpkin Stem and Tendril Tuturial

Thank you all so much for the fabulous comments about the pumpkins! I can't tell you how much I loved this project and to see that you do to... it's awesome!

Judy did ask for a bit of clarification on the stem and tendrils that were on each pumpkin:

I kind of glossed over those in the tutorial - sorry about that... but I'm back to day with the full instructions on how to make them.


  • Streamer in the color of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Chop stick
  • The cat is optional, cute, not terribly helpful, but optional.
1st up - the tendrils 
Step 1 - cut a 8-10" length of streamer.

Step 2 - Start rolling the streamer on the long edge.

Step 3 - Then start twisting and twisting and twisting...

Until the entire length is twisted.

Step 4 - Starting at the end of the streamer, wrap it very tightly around the chop stick continuing to twist as you wrap.

Step 5 - Pull the tendril of the chop stick and lightly tug on each end of it to help unravel it just a bit.

And there you have it... a tendril.

Next up, the stem. 

Step 1 - Start with a slightly longer streamer and repeat steps 1-3 above so that you have a twisted piece of streamer.

Step 2 - Tear off another 8-10" piece of streamer and start wrapping the short end around the twisted streamer.

Step 3 - repeat over and over and over to beef up the stem.

Step 4 - Then really start twisting the stem, get out all your aggression on this little sucker.

Step 5 - Fold the stem in half and twist away again.

Then just trim the end of the stem and there you go... pumpkin stem and tendril just waiting to be glued onto your puffy pumpkins... or whatever other pumpkins are in need.

Another thank you to Judy for asking for clarification on how to make these. Any other questions, let me know!


  1. thanks for showing us how you did the curly q's they really give the pumpkins that extra detail. May I ask a big favor of you would you please go to the link below and first like the Facebook page and then vote for me! It is so hard to get people to vote!!/photo.php?pid=30821681&fbid=1356503482216&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=391083710513&id=1520361582

  2. Just paste this into your browser! Thanks!/pages/Lehi-UT/Kristi-Approved/391083710513

  3. This is awesome!!! Thank you, Thank You. I love your blog and appreciate your attention to detail. Hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours.


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