Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What I've Learned Wednesday: Scissors for Everything

You might have picked up on that I'm kind of freak about scissors. My husband fears for the day when I realize he's used my sewing scissors have been used to cut paper. If that happens, he's in trouble.

Scissor for fabric will be ruined if they are used to cut paper. But sewing scissors, good sewing scissors will make your fabric projects so much easier. Ok, we'll maybe not quite as dramatic as that, but once you've cut fabric with real fabric scissors, you'll never want to go back to general scissors again.

But - here is a bit of an ironic part, my favorite craft scissors - as a pair of embroidery scissors, yes, the sister of sewing, embroidery... Technically I should be ashamed of myself. Using embroidery scissors for crafts??? Paper crafts even??? 

In my defense, they were not bought for embroidery, they were bought for exactly what they are being used for. Cutting intricate papers. Nipping stretch magic. Look at the tiny tips on these:

Those little blades can get in and out of anything with ease. 

Now, if you're a fan of embroidery, I don't recommend taking your embroidery scissors to your paper crafts. But do pick up a pair of these little suckers for your paper crafts.

And get a pair of sewing scissors for your fabric crafts while you're at it, just don't let me catch you using them on paper. 

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