Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday's Fail: The less than perfect pumpkin

The first pumpkin I made last weekend, didn't turn out all that well. I made 2 mistakes.

  1. I didn't stuff it enough...
  2. But more of a problem - I hadn't thought of using a button to use on the top and bottom. I just tried winding the string around the previous piece. I couldn't get enough tension, I kept pulling the other ridges out of place. It didn't go well.
Here is a picture of the less than perfect pumpkin:

He just doesn't have the right firmness to him. (Yes, it is a boy, don't let the shinny fabric fool you.)

And the underside of the pumpkin:

I couldn't get enough tension to really get it to work and it was just awful.

I almost gave up. Had I not thought of the button solution I think I would have given up.

But then, I thought of the button. Here is the underside of a button pumpkin:

So much neater... and just look at the tension I was able to get by winding around the button:

Now, THAT is a pumpkin!!! Isn't she beautiful???

And look at this little guy (yes, another boy.)

Ready for the funny part - what first seemed like a terrible fail, my less than perfect pumpkin. The one that almost had me ready to give up. Well, he now works in the collection of pumpkins. I wouldn't want to have him be the only pumpkin, but with all his friends and family around him - he totally works.

Just goes to show you - just because something didn't work the first time doesn't mean you should give up... and don't necessarily throw away that "fail" until you've really seen the total picture.

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