Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spooky Halloween Trio

Ahhh yes - another season, another look for the trio of frames above our bookcase... this time, Halloween inspired.

This little trio of frames has featured butterflies, toile, hearts...

And to think, I hesitated when buying these 3 frames, not sure I'd use them.

Here is how I created this version of the trio. Materials:

  • Halloween Paper (actually left over from the BOO I created last year)
  • 3 Square frames
  • Dimensional mounting adhesive
  • Scissors
This was a pretty straight forward project - I selected 3 background papers for each of the 3 frames:

Then, I browsed the other papers to decide what else I wanted to use with each of the frames.

The dimensional mounting squares were cut and sometimes layered to get the dimension I wanted for each part of the picture.

The paper was 2 sided, so pictured above is the back with the mounting squares. 

And here is the front.
That is pretty much it - the art was popped in the frames and we've got our spooky little halloween trio.

Know one of the best parts of this trio - it cost nothing. The frames are on their 4th different life and the paper was left over from a project completed last halloween.


  1. I love that craft. I might have to steal the idea! Of course if I do, I will link back to you. :) Where did you buy the paper?


  2. They look awesome! I love the use of the dimension mounting.

  3. I just LOOOOOOVE these. Love that you switch out holiday pictures too. These are just darling.

  4. these are so cute..... i really like it.

  5. I hope you'll come link these up too! They're great!



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