Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 months

This is one of those projects that I thought was going to take 2 weeks. I was so wrong, it ended up taking 2 months. I've wanted a new kitchen table for years but it just wasn't in the budget.

I've thought about ways to update this table and chairs, thought it would look adorable painted cream with a brown glaze. But that wasn't the look I was going for - hopefully someone is - the table and chairs are on craigslist.

What I wanted was a round pedestal table, painted black. But the ones that I've seen were priced anywhere from $500 up to $1000. Like I said, so not in the budget.

Thankfully, my mother in law had an old oak pedestal table, it was smaller than I wanted but it came with a leaf that would give us the space we needed. Best part - it was free. We decided benches would be a much better way to go for the sides - a table can only fit so many chairs around it, but with benches - think of the number of butts you can have on those suckers!!!

The table was free, the benches I found on craigslist after searching for weeks for just what I wanted for just $75. (A bit more than I wanted to spend but they were totally worth it.)

I wanted to keep the top of the benches natural, they would have matched the cart we have in the kitchen, but after stripping the finish off, I realized it the quality of the wood wasn't that good and no matter how I sanded, they didn't look good.

But - it doesn't matter - because I'm THRILLED with how everything turned out.

Now, my quest for the perfect chairs for the heads of the table continues. I'm thinking something ladder back.


  1. Looks beautiful! My parents gave us a table very similar to yours but I need to do something with it in the days ahead. Found you from House Of Grace's likny party. Im right above you in the link list:)

  2. That looks great! It took me 6 months to get my husband to do mine. Thanks for linking up.

  3. Great job! I'm loving the black furniture I'm seeing these days. It's getting my brain thinking, which can be dangerous! LOL!
    Have a great day.


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