Friday, November 13, 2009

Amazing what a little polish can do...

While checking out at the ReStore on Wednesday I found these 3 silver bowls on the counter, they were in rough shape, but I've been looking for simple silver pieces to add some reflective things to our master bedroom. They had just come in and haven't even been priced yet, he decided $8 would be fair and that was just fine with me.

Yikes - pretty scary huh???

I'm not afraid of tarnish... I eat tarnish for breakfast. Well, not really, that would be gross, I eat oatmeal for breakfast... hmmm, oatmeal.

Sorry, got distracted there, I'm easily distracted by food.

Are you ready for the bowls after a bit of silver polish???


I LOVE them and am so happy I was able to see past the tarnish. They look great in our bedroom, but they won't be staying there for long... I've got new plans for these little beauties.

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