Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitty Litter Screen

Prior to being parents to the 2 best kids in the world, we became parents to the 2 best cats in the world. I'm not just bragging here, ok, well maybe a little... but anyone who meets these cats can't believe what amazing animals they are.

Meet Otto and Wojo (Otto is the long haired red tabby, and Wojo is the russian blue.)

Please forgive their mild annoyed appearance, I'd woken them from a nap while taking the picture. Something that you can only do with these guys if you're going to snuggle or feed them. Taking a picture is NOT an acceptable reason to wake them from a nap.

About 3 months ago Otto was diagnosed with diabetes and he has arthritis in his hips. These two factors have made it difficult for him to get in and out of our old litter box, the kind with the privacy hood.

So we had to get something very easy for him to get in, turn around and do his business - the problem, now we have to see him do his business and no one wants to see that.

Just imagine watching that game while watching a cat do it's business... no thank you.

So - thanks to the 4 shutters I scored at the Habitat for Humanity Restore today... I was able to construct privacy screens to place around their litter box.

Not only will it give them privacy but we're hoping it will cut down on the litter scatter as well. Since I got the shutters from the ReStore, it was really cost effective too. $5 per pair, 4 pairs... $20. Plus I've got 1 panel left over that I'm plotting a use for.

At some point I might paint or do something to dress them up but for now, the immediate problem has been addressed.

(Told ya the ReStore finds were already on their way to being used!!!)

Lets take another look at those sweet kitty cats...  

Seriously. Sweetest. Cats. Ever.

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  1. You aren't kidding. Perhaps your cat is my cat Koal's distant cousin. :)Love it!


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