Thursday, November 12, 2009

Silhouette Ornaments - Handmade Holidays, Part 1

So here it is, my first project in the "Handmade Holidays" - Silhouette Ornaments.

These ornaments were inspired by 2 things, most obviously the Silhouette Ornaments created by Anjeanette at Roots and Wings.

And the reason these struck such a cord with me:

I LOVE silhouettes!!! I've wanted silhouettes of the kids for what feels like forever. I thought about faking them in photoshop, and then a friend volunteered to paint them for me, but then - at a local fair, we found someone doing authentic-hand-cut silhouettes. The stars had aligned, the kids sat long enough and I finally got silhouettes.

So I used them as the basis for our ornaments by scanning them into the computer. Then I created a whole page of each of the kids, with their name and 2009.

Also pictured above, 3" circles, purchased at AC Moore for $.25 each, scrapbook paper, I think I ended up needed 4 sheets and the ever useful modge podge.

Up next - cutting lots and lots of circles. Circles for the background, the matte effect and of course of the silhouettes themselves. (Excuse my antiquated craft tools - their like 10 years old, but they work and I don't like replacing what works...)

With 72 circles cut... (I was making 12 ornaments with 3 circles per side) I began layering the pieces.


One side of the ornament features our daughter, the other side our son. I had to be careful make sure while working on the flip side, that I kept them head to head so that when I drilled the hold for the string, I didn't have one facing up and the other facing down.

Speaking of drilling the hole - it's time to fire up the power tools.


And here we have the finished ornaments...

I can't wait 'till we put up our tree so I can photograph these in there "natural habitat."

My mind is racing with more ideas along this general them, they were so easy to make... I can see doing copies of school pictures, family portraits, general holiday themes, and even turning them into gift tags to go along with holiday gifts and goodies. Looks like I need to get back over to AC Moore to get additional 3" circles. Keep your eyes out for projects like this, and bug me if you don't see them.


  1. I love these! What great memories, and great gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, etc.
    Great job!

  2. LOVE it!!! can't wait to make these. thanks so much for sharing.


  3. This is a fantastic idea. A true treasure.

  4. I love these! You did a great job. I hope I can find someone to make silhouettes of my kids. I'd love to make these.

  5. I love the layered scrapbook look to it. I am filing this at

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Yours turned out just lovely!!!



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