Monday, November 16, 2009

Handprint Ornaments - Handmade Holidays, part 3

This project goes way back... But I had documented it back before I had a blog for a message board that I belong to. These ornaments are such a great way to remember just how small our little ones were when they were, well, Little.

Here is what we used:
  • Crayola Model Magic (Pictured below)
  • Something to go cut the shape of the ornament, we used a cup, you can use anything you've got.
  • A straw to cut a hole for the string
  • Piece of ribbon, string or yarn to thread through
  • and most importantly - a sweet little hand to mush into the clay.

Start with a glob of Model Magic (or whatever modeling product you want to use, we liked the model magic because it was very light weight and didn't stick to our kids hands. Neither of them liked things sticking to their hands much.)

And roll it out, either with a rolling pin, or whatever you've got handy.

Next, cut out the ornament, we wanted a circle so we used a cup.

Next, grab the hand of the child you want to torture, I mean make the ornament with. (My kids weren't HUGE fans of this project, in fact - we don't have any from my son, he HATES having anyone do anything with his hands and when we tried this we couldn't pry his hands open for anything in the world. My daughter went along with it for a few years...)

And mash their sweet little chubby hands into the model magic.

Next, to save yourself some trouble later, while the model magic is still soft, press the end of a straw into the top of the model magic to make a hole for the hanger.

And there you have it... Just add string and hang on your tree when dry.

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